Fitness-For-Duty Certification Under the FMLA

Fitness-For-Duty Certification Under the FMLA


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Legal Updates

04-November-2009 - New Federal Legislation Alters Military Family Leave Entitlements Under FMLA
29-July-2009 - FMLA Eligibility Notice and Designation Forms
18-June-2009 - Managing Intermittent Leave Under the FMLA
01-May-2009 - Recertification of Need for Leave Under the FMLA
25-March-2009 - The Medical Certification Process Under the FMLA
11-March-2009 - Determining Employee Eligibility Under the FMLA
23-February-2009 - Equivalent Pay and Bonuses Under the FMLA
11-February-2009 - Defining "Serious Health Condition"
01-December-2008 - Employers Should Update Family and Medical Leave Act Policies to Reflect Rule Changes
01-December-2008 - The New FMLA Regulations: Leave for Families of Military Personnel