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Tom Posey in Human Resources News: Joint Employment Definition to be Shaped by More Litigation 09 February 2016
Dan Williams Discusses Supreme Court Ruling on Named Plaintiff Pick-Offs 04 February 2016
Murray Clark Discusses Indiana Legislative Activity on Inside Indiana Business 04 February 2016
Indiana Probate Code Needs, Problems Mounting in Absence of Probate Study Commission 03 February 2016
Using Hormone Treatments Purchased Online Like 'A Game of Russian Roulette,' Libby Baney Tells Washington Post 01 February 2016
Despite Economic 'Chill,' Western Law Firms Still Have Work to Do in Russia 29 January 2016
SCOTUS Activity May Spell Trouble for SEC's Prosecution of Insider Trading Tippees 28 January 2016
Plans for Indiana's First IKEA the Result of Strong City-Business Collaboration, Steve Hardin Says 28 January 2016
White House's Social Cost of Carbon Metric to Face 'First Big Dispute,' Andrew Wheeler Tells Law360 25 January 2016
Litigating in the Aftermath of the Daubert Ruling 25 January 2016
Dick Wegener: Price Competition ‘Only Part of the Equation' in DOJ's Probe of AB InBev, SABMiller Merger 21 January 2016
Efforts to Address Water Quality Issues Tabbed as Des Moines' 'Top Environmental Deal of 2015' 12 January 2016
Steve Hardin: Fishers, Indiana Development Extends From City Hall's 'Specific Vision' 11 January 2016
Highly Publicized Pro Bono Victory Helps Put Qualified Teachers Back in Minnesota Classrooms 11 January 2016
In Pro Bono Case, Firm Delivers Justice for Injured Federal Inmate 11 January 2016
Faegre Baker Daniels' Client Valero Renewables ‘Ahead of the Curve' in FSMA Compliance 04 January 2016
Libby Baney: Twitter Accounts Promoting Illicit E-Pharmacies Put Consumers 'A Click Away' From Harm 28 December 2015
Challenge to Inter Partes Review 'Doomed' From the Start, Amy Hamilton Tells The Indiana Lawyer 21 December 2015
Libby Baney to Politico: Notorious Markets List Sheds Light on Domain Register Associated With Shady e-Pharmacies 21 December 2015
Murray Clark on Inside Indiana Business: Raise Indy Mayor's Salary to Continue to Attract ‘Capable, Credible Leaders' 07 December 2015

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