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Poof Goes the Burden of Proof: Greg Dale on OSHA Plan to Relax Proof Needed for Whistle-Blower Investigations 26 September 2014
Survey Says: Keep Lawyers Out of the Boardroom. Melanie Wadsworth Challenges This Belief in The Law Society Gazette 25 September 2014
Andrew Campbell and Jacqueline Pimentel-Gannon Explain in Indiana Lawyer How Attorneys are Helping Children Facing Immigration Woes 24 September 2014
An Epidemic in Health Care Franchising Activity Debilitated by Inconsistent State Laws: Kevin Hein in Law360 Q&A 23 September 2014
Aaron Harkins Featured as 'Emerging Leader' in Global Gaming Business Magazine 23 September 2014
One Needn't Run in Circles to Find Volunteer Opportunities in the Circle City: Andrew McCoy in Indiana Lawyer on Program Connecting Indy Lawyers to Community Organizations 10 September 2014
Kevin Jones Quoted in Practical Law China on Labor Force Collective Bargaining 02 September 2014
Demoya Gordon Quoted in Law360 on Rare Alabama Supreme Court Ruling 27 August 2014
Preparing for a Food Illness Outbreak: Sarah Brew Offers Advice in Law360 21 August 2014
Take My Word For It: Alex Denny in the Financial Times on the Pitfalls of Verbal Contracts 19 August 2014
When the Bottom Line Relies on Design: Hanlon-Leh Writes Amicus Curiae Brief to Protect Innovators 18 August 2014
Brian Garrison in Indiana Lawyer on the Demise of Right-to-Work in Indiana 13 August 2014
Steve Toeniskoetter in Law360 on How New Technology Breeds New Labeling Class Actions 13 August 2014
Time to Sell, But Are You Prepared? Kevin Hein in Law Week Colorado on Vital Steps for a Sale or Acquisition 11 August 2014
This Little Piggy Went to Market: Steven Reeves in Law360 on CFIUS Scrutiny in Smithfield Sale 11 August 2014
Breaking the Law Without Knowing It, Couple Sentenced in China Data Gathering Case: Kevin Jones in Bloomberg Businessweek 11 August 2014
Jon Nygren in the Star Tribune on Investors Ponying Up for the Common Good 11 August 2014
Brent Auberry Quoted in Indiana Lawyer on Indiana Placing Its Bets on the Deliberative Process Privilege in Tax Case Against Gambler 04 August 2014
Angela Christy Featured as a Top Real Estate Lawyer in Minnesota 04 August 2014
Family Ties Stop at Insider Trading: Michael MacPhail's Thoughts on the Rajaratnam Case 30 July 2014