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Sari Long Discusses Employee Verification with SHRM 09 February 2017
Aaron Van Oort Discusses the Nomination of Judge Neil Gorsuch with KARE 11 NBC 09 February 2017
Nick Nelson Discusses Supreme Court Justice Nominee with CBS 4-Minnesota 09 February 2017
Tom Carroll Discusses Equal Employment Opportunity Commission's Enforcement Data with Law Week Colorado 09 February 2017
Tom Jensen and Sari Long Discuss the Effects of New Executive Order with BBC 02 February 2017
Christine Kain, Joseph Price and Patrick Reilly Discuss Future of Drugs, Devices, and Mass Torts with Defense Research Institute 02 February 2017
Jim Birge Discusses Cash Opportunities in Private Markets with the Indianapolis Business Journal 02 February 2017
Ryan Funk and Sylvia St. Clair Discuss Labor Laws Under Trump Administration with Hotel News Now 19 January 2017
Larry James, Jr. Shares Why He Believes Des Moines is a Great Place to Live with Des Moines City Magazine 19 January 2017
Mike Adelberg Discusses OCR Fine with Health Plan Week 19 January 2017
Emily Bodtke's Article on the Observations of a Judicial Clerk Published in Hearsay 19 January 2017
Claire Nilson Discusses How the Trump Presidency Might Affect Immigration Attorneys with Global Legal Post 18 January 2017
Ryan Funk Discusses Future of Labor Climate with Hotel News Now 18 January 2017
Mike Adelberg, Libby Baney, and Nick Manetto Discuss Future of ACA with AIS Health 13 January 2017
Bo Kemp Discusses Rail Cats Deal with the Chicago Tribune 13 January 2017
Mike Adelberg Discusses Overpayments by Medicare with Kaiser Health News 12 January 2017
Mike Adelberg Discusses Medicare Advantage Growth with Medicare Advantage News 12 January 2017
Rick Marsh, Jr. Discusses 'Abstract Concept' Idea with Law Week Colorado 11 January 2017
Stacey Smiricky Discusses Employment Status of Student Athletes with Law360 11 January 2017
Mike Adelberg, Libby Baney and Jay Warmuth Discuss Future of Healthcare with Health Plan Week 11 January 2017

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