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Jamie Drewry Discusses Flexibility and How It Has Affected Her Career With The Diversity and Flexibility Alliance 03 October 2016
Larry James Discusses Developments in Transportation with The Business Record 29 September 2016
Rachael Dettmann Spiegel Discusses GMO Labeling with Women in Agribusiness 29 September 2016
Larry James Discusses Efforts to Transform Des Moines with Iowa Architect 27 September 2016
Murray Clark Discusses Support for ITT Tech Students, FedEx Expansion and Jim Irsay's YMCA Boost on Inside Indiana Business 23 September 2016
Kathy Osborn Discusses Bayer, Monsanto Deal with Politico 19 September 2016
Stacey Smiricky and Sylvia St. Clair Talk to Cook County Record About Employee Sick Leave Act 13 September 2016
Adrienne Franco Busby Tells Law360 How Judges' Gatekeeping Roles Affect Rulings 08 September 2016
Wendy Yan Quoted in Reuters About Chinese Government's Recent Global Deal Probes 07 September 2016
Kerry Bundy and Randy Kahnke Quoted in Twin Cities Business Magazine About Safeguarding Company Trade Secrets 07 September 2016
Libby Baney Quoted in The Atlantic About Online Pharmacies and Dangerous Drugs 06 September 2016
Sylvia St. Clair Discusses Running a Successful Family Business in Hotel News Now 01 September 2016
Beth Carlson and Sarah Kilibarda Quoted in SHRM About New Form I-129S 30 August 2016
Tom Froehle Quoted in The Indiana Lawyer About Shift Away From Partner Track in Firms 25 August 2016
Amie Peele Carter Quoted in Law360 About How to be a Successful Partner 24 August 2016
Ted Hollis Quoted in The Indiana Lawyer About Workplace Harassment Issues 24 August 2016
Sarah Kilibarda Quoted in Law360 About New Visa Form I-129S 22 August 2016
Gregory Dale Quoted in Safety and Health Magazine About Employee Drug Testing 18 August 2016
Stuart Buttrick Quoted in XpertHR About Starbucks Dress Code Changes 17 August 2016
Beth Carlson Discusses USCIS Delays with SHRM 12 August 2016

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