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Seidel Quoted in "Paying Bonuses Whether It Rains or Shines" 20 April 2010
Lawyers Recap USDA Workshop on Agricultural Industry Competition for Law360 15 April 2010
Baker & Daniels Team Represents Meijer in Tax Assessment Appeal 14 April 2010
Edward Sullivan and Others Discuss Discipline of Students With Disabilities 09 April 2010
Brian Burke Helps LAB Answer New Managing Partner Questions 09 April 2010
Borger Analyzes Implications of KSTP Role in Pothole Probe 07 April 2010 Takes Note of Faegre & Benson Chambers Global Recognition 07 April 2010
We the People Team Prepares for National Finals at Baker & Daniels 07 April 2010
Bylund and Langel Discuss Grain Transaction Documentation With Feed & Grain 01 April 2010
Faegre & Benson Partners Make Twin Cities Business "200 Minnesotans You Should Know" List 01 April 2010
Jon Dettmann Talks Climate Law with Ethanol Producer Magazine 01 April 2010
Firm Lawyers Weigh Possibility of Supreme Court Intervention in Climate Change Laws 29 March 2010
Patent Baristas Blog: Kahnke and Bundy Write 'Definitive' Trade Secrets Litigation Book 29 March 2010
David Zook Explains Legislative Initiatives Affecting Higher Education 29 March 2010
Amie Peele Carter Understands Family Demands in Caring for Parent 27 March 2010
Star Tribune Reports Management Committee Appointments 24 March 2010
Rick Duncan and Jennifer Williams Zwagerman Discuss Recent USDA–DOJ Workshops 20 March 2010
Employers Have Questions About New Gun Law Says Alison Fox 19 March 2010
Libby Baney Points Out Correction on Financial Regulatory Reform 19 March 2010
Law360 Publishes Comments by Robert Schnell Regarding Loss Causation, ARS Market Collapse 18 March 2010

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