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Commercial Lending & Finance

Faegre Baker Daniels' commercial lending and finance team uses a collaborative approach, incorporating the varied expertise of our professionals to get deals done for clients. Our experience spans the range of commercial lending transactions, including asset-based, mezzanine and structured finance deals, as well as syndicated lending transactions and single bank commercial loans. Our goal is to close the transaction on terms that meet your deadlines, minimize risks and provide the deal that you expect.

Our finance practice integrates front-end structuring, negotiation and documentation guidance with back-end insolvency and bankruptcy services. This breadth of knowledge is essential for delivering superior service.

Syndicated Lending

Syndicated lending is a central part of our practice that cuts across all other aspects of our finance work. Our clients in syndicated facilities are often the administrative agent in deals ranging from less than $10 million to more than $1 billion. We also regularly represent other lenders and borrowers in both secured and unsecured syndicated transactions. By sharing the knowledge gained from each perspective, we are able to understand the issues inherent in syndicated lending and to maintain knowledge of evolving market standards for syndicated loan documents.

Asset-Based Finance

We bring unique value to our asset-based lending clients by integrating our experience in structuring, negotiating and documenting asset-based lending transactions with our experience in workouts, asset liquidation, bankruptcy and litigation matters. Combining our strengths in these areas, we are able to provide comprehensive, strategic and market-leading legal counsel in the area of asset-based lending.

Our team handles all types of asset-based lending transactions, including those involving discrete types of collateral (personal property, real property or intellectual property); executory contracts; government contracts; agricultural products; collateral in multiple states or in other countries; borrowing base concepts; subordinated debt; mezzanine financing; intercreditor agreements; "secret liens"; and other matters important to asset-based lending clients.

Real Estate Lending

FaegreBD also represents issuers and investors on a variety of real estate financing transactions, including complex transactions, distressed debt and loan origination. Our experience includes structuring complex deals involving owner occupied mortgage loans, construction finance and commercial mortgage backed securitization facilities. We represent clients in real estate lending transactions involving conventional income properties such as office, retail, mixed-use, industrial and multi-family projects, as well as a wide variety of special properties in the gaming, hospitality, energy and education industries.

Single Bank Commercial Loans

In addition to our commercial lending work involving multiple parties, the FaegreBD team also regularly represents single-bank credit facilities in matters related to commercial loans.

Mezzanine Finance

Faegre Baker Daniels represents issuers and investors in the full range of mezzanine financing transactions. Our clients include banks, institutional non-bank lenders, hedge funds and other investors, as well as private equity portfolio companies and other borrowers.

Structured Finance

Our team handles structured finance matters for senior lenders, agents and arrangers of syndicated and structured facilities, subordinated and mezzanine lenders, asset-based lenders, hedge funds and equity investors, and borrowers and issuers of debt products in the bank and capital markets.

We have advised leading banks in the central United States for more than 100 years. Our commercial finance lawyers regularly represent investment bankers, insurance companies, Indian tribes, retailers, finance companies, mortgage bankers, indenture trustees and the whole spectrum of creditors and debtors. All of our finance lawyers share a working knowledge of the life cycle of a business and a financing transaction, irrespective of their principal area of focus.


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