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Beverage Products

Faegre Baker Daniels lawyers serve the beverage industry and service clients in areas such as corporate, real estate, franchise, immigration, environmental, and intellectual property, among others.

Food and beverage regulatory and safety issues are facing increased scrutiny from within the private sector and from federal, state, and local regulatory agencies. Faegre Baker Daniels lawyers are experts in handling the unique combination of challenges related to the areas that food and beverage companies continue to face, including: 

  • New regulatory requirements and uncertainties under the Food Safety Modernization Act and Reportable Food registry
  • Increasing investigations, enforcement and regulation by the FDA, USDA, and FTC, along with international, state and local governmental bodies
  • Regulatory changes to mandatory food labeling and increased challenges to voluntary labeling statements
  • Heightened scrutiny of food safety concerns and likelihood of mandatory recalls  
  • International business operations requiring regulatory compliance across continents
  • Fierce competition within the marketplace resulting in challenges both outside and from within the industry
  • Increasing consumer fraud class actions challenging labeling, ingredients and all aspects of food production, packaging and sales


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