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Consumer Fraud Litigation

Consumer fraud has become a universal tort, claimed by government and private plaintiffs across industries and regardless of the substantive law underlying other claims in the lawsuit. Faegre Baker Daniels litigates claims for consumer fraud in all of their manifestations.

We defend clients against attorney general investigations and lawsuits, private suits, and putative and certified class actions. We represent industry groups as amici curiae in litigation raising issues of concern to the groups' members. We advise clients on consumer fraud law in connection with acquisitions and marketing campaigns.

Our approach to litigating consumer fraud claims combines specific strategies for defending those claims with an understanding of the underlying substantive legal claims and the affected industry. We draw on the elements of antitrust, breach of contract, fraud, products liability, warranty, and other implicated claims to limit claims for consumer fraud.

We defend claims brought against every major industry, including financial institutions and services; food, agriculture, and biofuels; insurance; medical device; real estate; retail; and telecommunications.


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