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Crop Protection Products

Faegre Baker Daniels is a leader in representing and counseling crop protection product companies. We understand the science, economics, markets, government regulation, and public relations aspects of the crop protection industry and we address the full range of clients' business needs.

Faegre Baker Daniels knows the crop protection industry. Our lawyers understand the rapidly evolving segment of crop protection. We are participating members of CropLife America and the Agricultural Retailers Association.

Our attorneys edit and are contributing authors to the treatise Defending Pesticides in Litigation, which includes analysis of pesticide regulations and pesticide technical data; and includes guidelines for litigating claims regarding pesticide products. We have successfully represented many of the world's leading crop protection chemical companies.


John P. Mandler, Minneapolis
+1 612 766 7221

Shane Anderson, Minneapolis
+1 612 766 7261
Ross W. Johnson, Des Moines
+1 515 447 4705

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