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Faegre Baker Daniels expanded its global reach on January 1, 2012, through a combination of two firms - Faegre & Benson and Baker & Daniels - with similar histories, cultures and shared values. Today, Faegre Baker Daniels builds upon each legacy firm's strengths and parallel principles to create a combined organization that can deliver more value to its clients than either could on its own. 

Creating a Foundation

Faegre Baker Daniels' roots date back to 1863, when Thomas Hendricks and Oscar Hord established Hendricks & Hord in Indianapolis. The firm later became Baker & Daniels in 1888 when Albert Baker and Edward Daniels became the senior partners. Meanwhile, in 1886 in Minneapolis, Faegre & Benson was founded as Cobb and Wheelwright. John Benson joined the firm in 1914; however, it was 1940 before it would officially be renamed Faegre & Benson.

A Century of Growth
Through the years, both Baker & Daniels and Faegre & Benson expanded to better serve clients. Baker & Daniels grew by adding offices in South Bend and Fort Wayne, Indiana; Chicago; and overseas in Beijing, China. Baker & Daniels' scope of services increased with the establishment of a Washington, D.C.-based advocacy and public affairs group, B&D Consulting, in 1985, and B&D Equity Property Tax Group in Chicago in 2007.

Faegre & Benson grew modestly throughout much of the 20th century. By the 1980s, the firm was embracing the evolution of technology and set its sights on national and international expansion. New practices emerged in areas such as health care, intellectual property and mass tort. Faegre & Benson opened Colorado offices in Boulder and Denver in 1985, and in 1990, became the first national law firm to establish an office in Des Moines, Iowa. Starting in 1995, the firm went global and opened an office in London followed by a Shanghai office in 2001.

Continued Progression

In 2013, Faegre Baker Daniels began its Western expansion as our technology, intellectual property, food and agriculture, and health and life sciences practice areas strengthened. That year, the firm established its first California location in Silicon Valley to provide more immediate access to clients with legal needs on the West Coast. In 2015, a Los Angeles office was opened to meet the further expanding needs of major industry clients anchored in Southern California and conducting business around the globe. 


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