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Food Distribution

Faegre Baker Daniels lawyers advise manufacturers regarding the distribution of products and the use of brands. Our counsel encompasses legal areas related to food safety, trademark, antitrust, contract and torts, as well as international law.

Our lawyers monitor and understand legal and regulatory issues facing product suppliers in various jurisdictions. We have won major victories for our manufacturer clients in disputes ranging from straightforward contract termination and non-competition cases to major class action litigation challenging historical company practices.

The agriculture and food industries generate distinctive regulatory and safety issues and concerns.  Through extensive experience with a broad range of the world's leading food and agribusiness companies, Faegre Baker Daniels' lawyers have developed deep knowledge of these industries and markets and continue to keep abreast of the most recent regulatory issues, technologies and industry practices. Faegre Baker Daniels' combination of regulatory and litigation expertise and food and agribusiness experience offers companies in these industries top-tier, highly focused litigation and counseling services. 

Due to our focus on and deep commitment to the food and agribusiness sector, our lawyers have developed expertise and maintain an ongoing awareness of legal and business developments in these industries. This allows us to focus on key client concerns and achieve successful outcomes. We are collaborative partners with the International Foodservice Manufacturers Association.


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