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HR Compliance & Risk Management

Faegre Baker Daniels offers a wide variety of services to help clients evaluate and minimize their risk of employment-related claims, including claims of unlawful discrimination, harassment and retaliation, other statutory claims, and common law torts. Our professionals provide solutions-oriented, strategic advice on an array of personnel management issues, ranging from hiring to firing and including practical training for front-line supervisors, human resources personnel and senior management on how to reduce the risk of EEO claims.

Regardless of a client's size, we are amply equipped to help reduce the risk of a legal challenge and position managers to achieve organizational objectives. We offer products such as prototype employee handbooks, policy checklists, and CD- and webinar-based training that can help human resources professionals more effectively navigate complex legal areas at a reasonable cost. We also assist in preparing or reviewing responses to charges of both individual and systemic Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) violations.

Representative Experience

We help employers:

  • Develop, communicate and maintain effective handbook policies
  • Conduct effective and legally compliant applicant screening and employee testing, including criminal record checks, other background checks, and drug and alcohol testing
  • Implement effective interviewing and hiring programs, including external hiring and internal talent assessment and promotion
  • Conduct live and recorded manager and employee training on:

                    — Discrimination
                    — Harassment (sexual and other forms)
                    — Workplace violence and bullying prevention
                    — Retaliation
                    — Establishing and maintaining appropriate standards of workplace conduct

  • Navigate through individual performance management issues and develop best practices for workforce performance management
  • Draft, interpret and negotiate all types of employment agreements in a prompt and practical manner, including executive employment agreements, change in control agreements, severance agreements, non-U.S. employment agreements, transition and separation agreements, employee retention agreements, expatriate agreements, and confidentiality and non-competition agreements
  • Implement workforce communication techniques and strategies to reduce legal risk and promote organizational success
  • Achieve productivity enhancement through effective use of positive reinforcement
  • Adopt career and succession planning techniques to support business needs while maintaining legal compliance


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