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Health Care Franchising

Faegre Baker Daniels' franchise and health care teams collaborate to provide comprehensive services for established health care franchisors as well as franchisors who are new to the health care industry. Our experience includes counseling regarding health care regulatory requirements, guiding international expansion and anticipating regulatory challenges unique to franchisors in the health care industry.

Franchising Is Our Passion™

Our objective is to make a difference for franchisors—to help them identify new opportunities and overcome challenges at every stage of growth. Our passion for franchising, our nearly 250 years of collective experience and our teamwork approach distinguish us from other law firms and help us accomplish that objective.

Broad Industry Experience

FaegreBD professionals have expertise working with franchisors across the health care industry, including urgent care clinics; home health care providers; diet and weight loss centers; hospitals; surgery centers; med spas; orthopedic; dental, vein, chiropractic, dialysis and veterinary clinics; pharmacies; vision, radiology and hearing centers; long-term care facilities, and VIP/concierge physician groups.  

Health Care Franchise Services

Our legal experience covers the full range of issues unique to today's health care and wellness franchisors, including:

  • Corporate Practice of Medicine. We assist franchisors in developing and supervising unique corporate structures that allow them to comply with various state regulations governing licensed health professionals in a corporate setting.
  • Anti-Kickback Statutes and Fee-Splitting. We help our clients structure franchise programs in compliance not only with federal anti-kickback statutes but also with often-overlooked state laws that determine how a physician shares professional fees with a non-physician.
  • State Licensure Issues. We guide franchisors through the process of securing special licenses and employing appropriately licensed medical professionals, as required by many states for providers of health and wellness services.
  • Insurance and Government Reimbursement Questions. We counsel our clients on rules that govern reimbursement from state and federal insurance programs, in order to safeguard their ability to generate revenues from these sources.
  • HIPAA and State Privacy Laws. We advise clients on privacy requirements established by the federal Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 and related state privacy laws, and we help them establish appropriate compliance programs.

Additional Franchise Services

Along with the services outlined above, we offer a broad range of franchise-related advice in the following areas:

  • Franchise structure and compliance
  • Raising capital and financing
  • Brand positioning and protection
  • Effective franchisor–franchisee communications and relationships
  • Franchise litigation and alternative dispute resolution
  • International franchising


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