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Labor Management Relations

Faegre Baker Daniels counsels and represents management in its dealings with unions, including:

  • Collective bargaining and contract administration
  • Staying or becoming non-union
  • Buying, selling or consolidating unionized facilities
  • Labor-related litigation

Our lawyers have decades of experience at the bargaining table, practicing before the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB), arbitrating and litigating labor disputes, and opposing union organizing campaigns. We have represented clients throughout the United States before NLRB regional offices, the Office of the General Counsel and the board itself in Washington, D.C.

Our lawyers have successfully represented management in opposing labor organizing campaigns in industries such as manufacturing, steel fabrication and foundries, trucking, logistics, electrical and gas utilities, banking, construction, electrical assembly, printing, food service and distribution, health care, hotel, gaming casinos, hospitality, and the public sector.

Collective Bargaining & Contract Administration

A workable labor contract is essential for effective operations. We assist clients with bargaining through every stage of the negotiations — before bargaining begins, during bargaining and after a contract is in place — as well as in the administration of labor contracts. We develop bargaining strategies that fend off or eliminate clauses that can adversely affect flexibility. We train supervisors on new contracts and provide guidance on contract interpretation in grievance situations.

Staying or Becoming Non-Union

Employers can manage virtually everything that drives employees to consider unionization, and we help develop plans to create a work environment where employees do not have a reason to consider unionization. Opportunities also exist for incumbent unions to lose their representation rights. We partner with employers across the country to develop and implement plans not only to remain non-union but to position them to become union free.

Buying, Selling or Consolidating Unionized Facilities

The purchase, sale or consolidation of unionized facilities brings with it a host of legal obligations — and opportunities. We provide risk management guidance throughout the transaction to ensure compliance with legal and contractual obligations and to advance the organization's labor relations strategy. Our professionals have expertise in identifying options, including the ability to set initial employment terms, adopting or modifying an existing labor contract and timing.

Labor-Related Litigation

Labor-related litigation includes federal lawsuits, arbitration hearings and administrative proceedings before the NLRB. We represent employers in all forms of labor-related proceedings throughout the nation, including investigating allegations of unfair labor practices charges, responding to the NLRB and defending employers at trial. We also analyze proposed arbitrators and advise on the selection process to obtain the most favorable arbitrator, and we defend employers in lawsuits filed by unions and/or pension funds alleging breach of the parties' contract.


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