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Professional Development

At Faegre Baker Daniels, we support the development of the whole lawyer through each stage of their career. Through tailored training and coaching, we focus on key skill sets for all lawyers. We place a heavy emphasis on practice skill development, understanding the business of operating a law firm, performance management, business development, and client service — all critical to success in today's legal environment.


When you join Faegre Baker Daniels, you'll participate in a firm-wide orientation program to help you integrate into the firm and understand law firm life. In addition to covering basic topics such as benefits and technology, we hold interactive team-building programs, panel discussions and lunch meetings covering a range of topics, including the basics of lawyering and working with support professionals so you can hit the ground running.

Feedback & Evaluation

Faegre Baker Daniels values the importance of feedback. Supervising lawyers are encouraged to offer feedback throughout the year. Through our formal evaluation process, new lawyers are evaluated mid-year during their first year. In addition, all lawyers are reviewed annually. Evaluations include a self-assessment, individual and group evaluations, and an in-person evaluation meeting with the lawyer's practice group.

Mentoring & Coaching

While our associates receive substantial guidance through working with more senior lawyers, we do not leave mentoring and coaching to chance. Our Advisor Program provides support, guidance and resources as they grow and develop their careers.

Upon joining the firm, each associate is assigned an advisor. The advisor focuses on career development and planning. Associates are expected to actively participate in the mentoring and coaching process, and to communicate practice goals and objectives to their advising partner.

Training & Development

Faegre Baker Daniels understands the importance of different learning environments. Therefore, as we create programming for our lawyers, we make sure that it also supports various adult learning preferences. Our programming includes small group discussions, traditional classroom lectures, interactive programs such as NITA, on-demand video recordings and learn-by-doing programs.


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