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Summer Associate Program


We seek to hire intelligent, entrepreneurial law students with a strong motivation to thrive in a high performance culture.


Summer associates receive a hands-on, meaningful experience that provides a thorough understanding of the work we do and the clients we serve.


Our program typically begins in mid-May and concludes 10 weeks later in mid-July. Additionally, summer associates come together for an in-person spring training retreat to start the orientation process, get to know the firm and meet each other before their May arrival.


Our summer program is available in many of our U.S. offices, including Chicago, Denver, Des Moines, Fort Wayne, Indianapolis and Minneapolis.


The summer programs include daily interaction and real work assignments with our lawyers across various practice groups. Summer associates are encouraged to participate in pro bono work and forge strong relationships with our attorneys and their peers. They are guided through the process by their associate mentor.

By the end of the summer program, these future lawyers have developed the kinds of skills, knowledge and relationships that provide a foundation for a successful and enjoyable legal career.

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Getting to Know Us

Our summer associate programs include opportunities to get to know our lawyers in both professional and social settings. By working within several practice areas, summer associates have the chance to experience each practice's culture and day-to-day atmosphere. Networking opportunities are plentiful with access to lawyers and clients at social receptions, activities and practice group meetings.

Kareem Tawfic Kareem Tawfic (University of Minnesota) Minneapolis
"Setting all else aside, the people at Faegre Baker Daniels are what made my summer program a remarkable experience. Everyone I met was extremely approachable and genuinely interested in who I was. The firm made meeting everyone really easy by facilitating lunches, coffees, and countless other events. The practice groups always included me in their invitations and everyone I asked to meet with promptly accepted. Incidentally, I found my work to be much more enjoyable and rewarding once I got to know the people I was working with."

Challenging Work

Summer associates receive a variety of challenging assignments, ranging from client meetings and courtroom exposure, to revising agreements and composing memos. Each experience is designed to enhance reasoning, research, oral presentation and writing skills. Pro bono projects are provided and encouraged – because of this, many summer associates have the opportunity to work directly with clients under the supervision of a licensed lawyer.

Kristina Coleman  Kristina Coleman (IU McKinney) Indianapolis
"The ability to do challenging work in a large law firm setting is what really attracted me to Faegre Baker Daniels. My experience this summer did not disappoint. I had the opportunity to contribute to the drafting of an amicus brief to the United States Supreme Court on a "thorny" copyright issue. I was also able to research nuanced topics, such as licensing requirements for fire protection services in New Mexico. In addition to the mentally stimulating research opportunities, I had the chance to work on some personally gratifying pro bono cases. My experience this summer provided me with the perfect opportunity to explore new areas of law while also working on projects that will make a fundamental difference in people's lives."

Training & Mentoring

We prepare our summer associates for life as an associate by providing a foundation for client and business development. Through formal education, training programs and a committed, hands-on support team, summer associates learn about the practice of law, the depth of the firm and the communities in which we work and live. 

Heather Campbell  Heather Campbell (University of Denver) Denver
"During my first week at Faegre Baker Daniels a partner invited a few summer associates to coffee where we discussed our goals for the summer. He then took time to introduce each one of us to an attorney at the firm who could best help us achieve those goals. I've never experienced such a level of investment and interest in helping me succeed. It is clear to me that mentorship and professional development are a priority at Faegre Baker Daniels, and it is nice to know the firm makes such an investment in the summer associates."

Evaluations & Feedback

Receiving feedback is an integral component of the growth process. To facilitate this, each completed project receives a formal, written evaluation from supervising attorneys, and students receive mid-summer and exit reviews to measure progress. Additionally, we encourage informal face-to-face feedback to identify strengths and areas for growth.

Alex Walsdorf Alex Walsdorf (University of Minnesota) Chicago
"The partners and associates were really good at giving instant feedback on all of my completed assignments. If I didn't receive instant feedback, the firm's open-door nature made it so I could always ask the assigning attorneys for it. The feedback I received allowed me to continuously grow and improve on my performance as the summer progressed. In addition, my advisor and mentor gave me insights into how to be professional and successful as a young associate. For as short as the summer program is, I definitely became a much better writer, communicator, and researcher as a result of the insightful feedback I was given."
Elaena Harris Elaena Harris (IU Maurer) Fort Wayne
"I liked how transparent the evaluation process was. After every assignment, I was given written evaluations and verbal feedback. The feedback was constructive and allowed me to determine where I needed improvement. In evaluations, assigning attorneys were also asked to describe their experience working with me and to state whether they would recommend me for hire. Although this was nerve-racking, the constructive and honest feedback allowed me to gauge how I was doing in the program, and gave me a standard to measure my growth."

NALP Statistics

The National Association for Law Placement (NALP) compiles data which provides a statistical overview of law firms with U.S. headquarters. The NALP data for the U.S. offices of Faegre Baker Daniels is available below:


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