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Legislative & Executive Branch Lobbying

For decades, members of the Faegre Baker Daniels lobbying team have represented regional and national clients to the legislative and executive branches of government in Indiana and Minnesota. Our professionals maintain an active presence before the Indiana General Assembly, Minnesota State Legislature and state executive agencies. Throughout our years of advocacy experience on both sides of the aisle, we have developed a reputation for expertise, integrity and ability to achieve client goals.

We work with clients to assess issues, clarify messages and build solid cases for support. We design and implement comprehensive legislative strategies tailored to our clients' needs and focused on achieving their desired outcomes.

Our lobbying experience includes:

  • Drafting hundreds of bills, amendments and rules
  • Developing effective messages tailored to elected officials
  • Advocating positions to the appropriate officials
  • Building coalitions and alliances to promote our clients' strategies
  • Drafting message points, mailers and other collateral materials
  • Activating grass roots and grass tops constituencies
  • Designing outreach campaigns to employees, volunteers and other stakeholders
  • Securing legislative and administration support for clients' positions

We have relationships with many county and city officials and their staff members that allow us to effectively advocate for clients regarding project approvals, licensing and other local government issues. 

Our lobbying team includes a former state speaker of the House, chairman of the House Rules Committee, parliamentarian of the House, and deputy commissioner, as well as several former state legislators, legislative staff members, advisors to governors and attorneys general, and leaders of business and industry advocacy groups. This depth of government experience endows us with knowledge of the inner workings of the legislative process and deep institutional knowledge of budget, tax and fiscal policies that affect clients' interests. Our group's political diversity reflects the diversity of state decision makers, allowing us to understand all perspectives on any given issues. Members of our legislative team have been named among their state's best lobbyists.


Chip Garver, Indianapolis
+1 317 237 1031

Richard A. Forschler, Minneapolis
+1 612 766 6902

Andrew Anderson, Des Moines
+1 515 447 4703

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