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Life Sciences

As a life sciences company, you are extending the limits of human discovery and redrawing the boundaries of human health. Faegre Baker Daniels believes the world is a better place when innovative, safe and effective drugs and medical devices make it to market as quickly as possible. We partner with research institutions, pharmaceutical companies, medical device and technology manufacturers, health information exchanges and related organizations to provide consumers with products that will improve their quality of life. We guide drugs and devices through every stage of the life cycle, including research and development, clinical trials, FDA approvals, marketing and promotion compliance, and potential product liability litigation.

Our team of experienced life sciences lawyers includes former counsel at major pharmaceutical and device companies, the Department of Justice, and the Food and Drug Administration, as well as professionals with advanced degrees in biological and chemical sciences. This depth and breadth of experience allows us to understand the issues you encounter and provide expertise at the highest level.

We represent companies from startups to global leaders, helping you plan for potential challenges and implement successful business strategies. We structure and support the complex alliances among businesses, universities, government and nonprofits that bring innovation to life. As you identify and implement business opportunities, we help you comply with an increasingly complicated web of FDA and other government regulations in the most cost-effective ways possible. When inspections or investigations arise, we advocate and negotiate with government agencies on your behalf.

Beyond the regulatory environment, your company faces complex legal issues in areas such as investment, litigation, intellectual property protection, research and clinical trials, privacy and data protection, Medicare and Medicaid reimbursement, and a host of corporate transactions both in the U.S. and internationally. We partner with your company to develop strategies unique to your industry and organization that allow you to effectively navigate all legal and business concerns.


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