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Ben Blair Discussed Market Value of Green Buildings with Heartland Real Estate Business 20 April 2018
Mike Adelberg Discusses Star Rating Program with Inside Health Policy 19 April 2018
Matt Kuhn Provides Insight to Agenda Regarding Insider-Trading Defense 19 April 2018
George Mesires Discusses Objection to Orianna Health Systems' Bankruptcy Plan with Skilled Nursing News 16 April 2018
Tarifa Laddon Provides Comment to Business Insurance on Court Ruling Involving Prescription Drug Manufacturers 16 April 2018
Tarifa Laddon Provides Insight to Cook County Record Regarding Generic Prescription Drug Litigation 16 April 2018
Ryan Funk Discusses Joint-Employment Standard with HR Daily Advisor 16 April 2018
Ellen Boshkoff and Samantha Rollins Co-Author Law360 Article Regarding FLSA Case 12 April 2018
Libby Baney Discusses Instagram's Decision to Ban Drug Hashtags with Digital Trends 11 April 2018
Julie Letwat Discusses Being a Mentor in a Spotlight with the Illinois Association of Healthcare Attorneys 11 April 2018
J.P. Hanlon Garners National Media Attention 11 April 2018
Patrick Reilly Discusses Self-Driving Vehicles with The Indiana Lawyer 09 April 2018
Libby Baney Discusses Illegal Online Opioid Sales with BuzzFeed News 06 April 2018
Libby Baney Discusses Opioid Sales on Social Media with Wired 06 April 2018
Libby Baney Discusses Opioids on Instagram with CNN 06 April 2018
Libby Baney Discusses Online Pharmaceutical Sales with The Washington Post 05 April 2018
Rich Forschler Provides Comment to Finance & Commerce on Minnesota Legislative Session 02 April 2018
Ben Blair Discusses Unclaimed Checks with FinOps Report 02 April 2018
Brian Garrison Discusses Technology and the Workplace with The Indiana Lawyer 02 April 2018
Michael Cockson Provides Insight in Star Tribune Article About Tenants Seeking Property Repairs 22 March 2018

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