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Jennifer Hallowell Discusses Her Work on a Recent Campaign with the Indianapolis Business Journal 16 August 2017
Libby Baney Explains Benefits of Telemedicine with mHealth Intelligence 16 August 2017
Libby Baney Explains the Importance of Telemedicine with Politico 11 August 2017
Larry James Discusses New Zoning Rules in Des Moines with The Des Moines Register 11 August 2017
Robert Wieder Garners National Media Attention with Law360 10 August 2017
Nick Weber Provides Insight on Property Undervaluation in the Tribune Star 10 August 2017
Debra Lappin Featured in DIA Podcast Interview on Patient Focused Drug and Device Development 08 August 2017
Julie Letwat Discusses Value-Based Arrangements with CQ News 02 August 2017
Brian Paul, Harmony Mappes and Jane Dall Wilson Discussed Pena-Rodriguez v. Colorado at Supreme Court Review Covered by The Indiana Lawyer 27 July 2017
Patrick Cross Discusses Protection for Abandoned Medical Records with The Indiana Lawyer 20 July 2017
Libby Baney Discusses Survey Results About Online Pharmacies with eHealth Radio 20 July 2017
Joel Sayres Discusses Growth in IP Law with BizWest 19 July 2017
Jason Sapsin Discusses Memory-Aid Claims with NutraIngredients 19 July 2017
Joe Smith Shares Changes in Diversity of Legal Profession with The Indiana Lawyer 17 July 2017
Libby Baney Highlights the Importance of the Fight Against Counterfeit Medicines in an Article for Life Science Leader 17 July 2017
Libby Baney Discusses Network Adequacy with California Healthline 17 July 2017
Sarah Brew Discusses Consumers Role in Food Safety with Food Safety News 14 July 2017
Libby Baney Highlights the Importance of Healthcare Professionals in Counterfeit Medicine Problem with Life Science Leader 10 July 2017
Amie Peele Carter Reacts to Recent Supreme Court Decision with The Indiana Lawyer 22 June 2017
Joel Hammerman discusses the effects of the United States Supreme Court's recent Honeycutt ruling with Law360. 21 June 2017

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