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Medical Technology

As a medical technology company, you are not merely on the cutting edge of the health care industry; you actually define the cutting edge through the innovative health care products you develop. As legal advisers to medical diagnostics companies in all stages of the business life cycle, Faegre Baker Daniels lawyers understand the industry-specific needs of your organization. Our firm shares geographic roots with the medical technology industry and has a long history of advocating for both individual companies and the industry as a whole. We represent an array of medical technology organizations—both industry leaders and small innovators—from our offices in the United States, Europe and Asia.

Successfully running a medical technology business requires you to simultaneously consider business needs, intellectual property concerns, health care regulations and potential product liability litigation. Our medical technology industry team is formulated to address all of these concerns. The group is composed of lawyers with concentrated experience in areas such as corporate services, intellectual property, health care law and litigation. Our lawyers secure and protect your core intellectual property rights and help you navigate medical privacy, anti-kickback and off-label use restrictions.

We continually monitor regulatory, business and legal developments affecting medical technology companies. By maintaining awareness of these trends, we are able to identify emerging issues and help you anticipate and avoid potential problems.

Our lawyers have patented numerous diagnostic and health care tools, led transformative acquisitions and won lawsuits against sales representatives who defected to competitors. We have also defended thousands of product liability claims. We partner with organizations like yours to provide legal experience that safeguards your company's future.

Health Economics

Perhaps more than any other sector, the health and life sciences sector is constantly changing. What was a cutting edge treatment a year ago may be significantly outdated today. To stay competitive, companies must be willing and able to make critical adjustments to stay ahead of the competition. Faegre Baker Daniels Consulting’s health and life sciences team counts as its members some of the sharpest minds in health care economics.

Our professionals have led major providers and insurance carriers, developed product launches, and helped craft major health care legislation that became law and that now governs the industry. This collective expertise enables us to provide top-level sector forecasts and patterns that ensure our clients are able to take advantage of pending market and legislative changes to stay ahead of the competition.


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