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Professional Development

At Faegre Baker Daniels, we emphasize professional development. We offer a variety of learning opportunities and encourage our professionals to continue to develop their skills throughout the course of their career with the firm.  In addition to technical training  and the advancement of job specific skills, we offer the following programs:

Professional Development Program

The Professional Development Program (PDP) provides firm employees the opportunity to develop their core business skills. Participants will learn techniques to deliver better client service, manage time more effectively, recognize how communication affects working relationships and more.

Professional Excellence Program

The Professional Excellence Program (PEP) provides employees with opportunities to further develop their core business and technical skills in a wide variety of topics. Participants will gain valuable insight into themselves and others as well as increase their day-to-day efficiency.

Frontline Leader Program

Gaining a competitive advantage in a changing economy is essential for survival. Frontline leaders need the tools necessary to provide the firm with a competitive advantage in today's marketplace. Through hands-on skills practice, frontline leaders will acquire the skills and knowledge to create more positive responses to change, build more trusting relationships, work on problem solving skills, manage their workloads and those of others more efficiently, cope more effectively with emotions and conflict in the workplace, and lead innovation within the firm.

Leadership Education & Development

The Leadership Education and Development (LEAD) Program is an opportunity for leaders at all levels to enhance their abilities to inspire, influence and achieve results. Through hands-on practice of skills, leaders will learn to communicate effectively, develop a motivated and loyal workforce, create vision and spark innovation, set clear expectations, manage individual and team performance, and reward and recognize achievement.


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