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Professional Development

At Faegre Baker Daniels, we emphasize ongoing learning and encourage our paralegals to continue to develop their skills throughout the course of their career with the firm.

Orientation & Training

From the start, each new paralegal is provided with a structured orientation designed to set them on the course for success. The orientation and training plan spans many topics, including practice-specific training, and introduces paralegals to those departments and resources needed as they develop in their practice area. Our comprehensive orientation program is designed to promote a strong foundation for future growth at Faegre Baker Daniels.

Feedback & Evaluation

In addition to ongoing feedback, new paralegals are provided with mid-cycle reviews that occur four to six months after joining our team. Paralegals are also evaluated annually, at which time they are provided with feedback from the lawyers with whom they work, as well as an opportunity to summarize and showcase their own practice for the previous year.


Each new paralegal is provided with a mentor. This mentor will help design the orientation plan to meet the experience level of the new paralegal as well as the organizational needs of the practice group. Our mentors are focused on setting the paralegals up for success with the right balance of training and integration into the practice groups.


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