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Protein Production & Processing

Faegre Baker Daniels lawyers represent many of the world's leading food and agribusiness companies and hold substantial experience with the protein processing and production industry segment.


Faegre Baker Daniels' experience in the pork industry is broad. Clients we represent include:

  • Several of the largest pork processors in the U.S.
  • Five of the nation's largest swine producers
  • A number of the nation's largest feed companies
  • Financial institutions who lend to producers

Because we represent swine producers, processors and their financial investors every day, our attorneys are up to speed on the latest issues affecting the industry and its diverse participants. Many members of our team also have deep personal ties to the industry and significant personal experience with swine production and management. We are actively and substantially engaged in matters related to pork production and processing, and we put that knowledge to work for our clients.


Our team of litigation, transactional, and regulatory lawyers understands the issues and challenges specific to the dairy industry. Our experience includes financing transactions, supply contracts, dairy feed contracts, dairy litigation, FDA regulatory counseling (including dairy food safety, labeling, and marketing), and the sale and purchase of dairy businesses. 

When clients retain Faegre Baker Daniels to handle an important matter in the dairy sector, our lawyers can hit the ground running. In farm-based litigation, for example, our lawyers already understand—and need not spend time learning—the lactation curve, feed storage options, and basic dairy nutrition. In the transactional area, we have experience representing borrowers and their lenders in areas involving raw materials; fluid, nutritional supplement and cheese products; and finished, consumer-ready goods. For FDA regulatory matters, our lawyers are well-versed on critical issues such as standards of identity, labeling requirements, the Pasteurized Milk Ordinance, FSMA and marketing restrictions, with significant experience with yogurt, ice cream, frozen yogurt, fluid milk and cheese products.


Faegre Baker Daniels attorneys work closely with several of the nation's largest poultry companies and their lenders. We have extensive experience with respect to the preparation of poultry production agreements and producer programs, including financing programs, in this vertically integrated industry. While less common in the industry, poultry marketing agreements are also within the range of our expertise.


Faegre Baker Daniels attorneys represent and work closely with several of the nation's largest egg producers and egg products manufacturers. Our experience includes financing transactions, tax matters, the Capper-Volstead Act and cooperative issues, employment and immigration claims and defenses, supply and feed contracts, egg and egg products litigation, and the sale and purchase of egg-related businesses. Our lawyers' knowledge extends from the egg farm to the egg products manufacturing plant to the board room.


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