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Real Estate Litigation

Faegre Baker Daniels has a wealth of expertise and accumulated knowledge in dealing with the broad spectrum of litigation issues that confront the real estate industry. We have experience representing buyers, sellers, agents, brokers, managers, tenants, mortgagors, lenders, lien-holders, brokers, governments, investors, contractors, and title companies—and their insureds—in a variety of litigation matters.

We handle the full range of real estate litigation matters, including:


When a debtor defaults under a mortgage, a lender needs to act quickly and effectively to protect its interests. We help lenders and mortgage holders protect and enforce their rights—from insuring that mortgages are properly executed and recorded to filing foreclosure claims, obtaining appointment of receivers, stabilizing mortgaged properties, reducing mortgages to judgment and taking properties through foreclosure sales.

Landlord and Tenant

Commercial property managers and owners can project that they will encounter problem tenants and problem properties with statistical certainty. We represent landlords in all sorts of commercial real estate disputes. We focus on assuring that the rental real estate is properly secured and recovered if there is a default—and making every reasonable effort to collect the amounts that a landlord can collect under a leasing arrangement. We also represent commercial tenants when they experience problem properties or landlords.

Mechanic's Liens

We view liens as something that is important to address not just when claims are brewing, but at the "front end" of construction projects as well. We have assisted contractors in developing the in-house capability to generate and record enforceable mechanic's liens in multiple jurisdictions. We also have assisted owners in developing contractual and practical methodologies for minimizing the threat of liens on projects and soliciting appropriate documentation when claims are threatened.

Title Insurance Claims

Our lawyers have years of experience representing the leading title companies and their insureds. We believe in aggressively defending title claims and strive to reach favorable and practical solutions for title insurance companies and their insureds. Our professionals also advise clients on insurance coverage issues and provide coverage opinions.


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