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Businesses face an increasing number of complex regulations that govern their activities and amplify the risk of facing government investigations or litigation. Faegre Baker Daniels helps companies navigate laws and regulations to successfully conduct business and defends clients from accusations of misconduct. Our attorneys use their experience working in regulated industries and with regulatory bodies to guide companies along the path to compliance.

The life sciences, health care, financial, insurance and public utilities industries are some of the mostly highly regulated business sectors today. Our professionals assist clients in these industries in complying with the numerous directives they face, developing in-house training and compliance programs, and communicating with government entities such as the Food and Drug Administration, Office of the Inspector General, Environmental Protection Agency, Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, and countless other state and federal regulatory bodies.

Many government regulations apply to companies and nonprofits across industries. Our team advises all types of organizations on antitrust and trade regulation, labor regulation, and privacy and cybersecurity. We train clients' personnel, advise on risk management measures, and represent clients during investigations and litigation.

Our state and federal public policy teams provide an additional level of service to regulated clients by informing them of impending regulatory changes. Our professionals also influence the formation of legislation and regulations in ways that benefit our clients.


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