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Sales & Use Tax

Sales and use tax law was written for yesterday's marketplace, but Faegre Baker Daniels counsels clients creating tomorrow's business. Our tax practice features a seasoned team of forward-looking sales and use tax professionals that operates on the front lines as the law continues to develop and adapt to technological advances. Our attorneys serve multistate and multinational clients in all areas of sales and use tax, from planning and audit support to administrative and judicial appeals.

Our corporate clients rely on our expertise for guidance on:

  • Resolving multijurisdictional nexus issues
  • Interpreting and applying sales tax sourcing rules
  • Structuring transactions to minimize the sales tax burden
  • Managing exemptions from sales and use tax
  • Determining sales tax collection responsibility

Our sales and use tax clients range from small businesses and startups to Fortune 100 companies from a broad array of industries, including pharmaceutical and medical device makers, software companies, food and beverage manufacturers, gaming companies, and steel producers and other heavy industrial companies. We have counseled clients in cutting-edge technology businesses on the likely sales tax effects of various business structures, practices and operations.

Our attorneys have organized public transportation companies to manage some of the largest fleets on America's highways while qualifying for substantial use tax exemptions. We have advised clients on the use tax implications of mergers, acquisitions and reorganizations, and have structured those transactions to minimize the resulting tax liabilities. And because states often offer tax exemptions for equipment used in manufacturing, research and development, and agriculture, we ensure that our clients claim and receive all available exemptions on their business purchases.

Our clients depend on us for zealous advocacy in administrative protests against assessments of sales and use tax, and our attorneys make regular appearances in state appellate courts on behalf of our clients. Further, our longstanding relationships with state revenue departments allow us to negotiate favorable settlements and resolutions for our clients.


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