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Trade Secrets Litigation

Faegre Baker Daniels wins complex trade secret cases. Our team has counseled clients and tried cases arising from employee defections, employee hiring, non-disclosure or confidentiality agreements, corporate espionage, license agreements, joint-venture deals, co-development efforts, patent applications, non-compete agreements, restrictive covenants and disclosures to government agencies.


Faegre Baker Daniels' trade secret practice prosecutes and defends trade secret and unfair competition claims in courtrooms and arbitration forums throughout the United States and internationally. We have litigated trade secret and confidential information relating to a broad array of technology, including disk drives, software, manufacturing methods, algorithms, process equipment and medical devices. We understand the proprietary information at issue and execute a litigation strategy that addresses clients' business needs.

We have won trade secret cases for clients ranging from emerging businesses to Fortune 500 companies.


We counsel clients on identifying and protecting their proprietary information, whether it be a technological trade secret (such as a manufacturing process or software code) or confidential business information (such as customer lists or pricing). We help establish trade secret protection programs; prepare confidentiality, non-disclosure and non-compete agreements; implement intellectual property audits; advise on trade secret risks in the context of mergers, acquisitions and licensing deals; and counsel on whether certain information should be protected as trade secrets or patented. We advise clients on how to minimize the risk of being sued for hiring employees from competitors, or for designing and bringing to market a product offering similar to a competitor's product.


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