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Clean Technology

Faegre Baker Daniels' clean technology attorneys represent companies and investors that create novel and compelling products and services to protect the environment, increase the efficiency of manufacturing processes, and enhance quality of life in the years to come. We assist clients with matters in all clean technology sectors, such as:

  • Renewable energy, including biofuels, biomass, solar and wind
  • Smart grid/energy efficiency
  • Air, water and waste
  • Transportation
  • Carbon capture
  • Green building
  • Sustainable and organic products

We understand the technical and regulatory aspects of clean technology development, commercialization and deployment, including engineering, chemistry, hydrology, biology, toxicology and environmental law. We handle the needs of clean technology companies from start-ups to mature companies, and have deep experience in all of the following areas:


We provide practical, cost-effective advice on corporate, limited liability company and partnership law to clean technology entrepreneurs and venture investors based on deep business experience and a commitment to contributing to the bottom line.


We have represented companies and investors who have raised more than $5 billion of equity and debt financing in the past ten years to fund technology development and construction of biofuel, biomass, algae-derived products, wind, solar and environmental remediation projects worldwide.

Technology Strategies/Intellectual Property

We understand our clients' go-to-market strategies, objectives and requirements. We structure, draft and negotiate all types of intellectual property agreements—always with an eye towards achieving business objectives while protecting our clients' innovations.

International Expertise

We manage complex cross-border matters and have built close relationships with experienced corporate lawyers in other countries where local counsel may be needed. From our offices in the UK and China, we provide clients on-the-ground access to legal advice in the European and Asian markets. We work collaboratively across borders to identify and solve problems that may slow down or derail a transaction, always working to assure that a deal is structured to best achieve the client's business goals.


When disputes arise, our clients can rely on our experience to resolve them, whether they involve commercial relations, natural resources, energy, federal lands, environmental matters in state and federal courts, toxic tort, land use, or construction.


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