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Startup & Emerging Franchisors

Faegre Baker Daniels has helped hundreds of emerging and market-leading franchisors launch, grow, protect and evolve successful systems in a wide range of industries. Startup and emerging franchisors are one of our "sweet spots." Why? Because our focus in working with startup or emerging companies goes far beyond drafting the franchise disclosure document (FDD) and franchise agreement. You can get legal documents from many different sources. What separates us from other law firms is the passion, experience and commitment that we will bring to help you build a sustainable franchise foundation.

Building a Sustainable Foundation

Too often, early stage franchisors focus solely on franchise development, without building a sustainable franchise foundation. This is why most franchisors do not get beyond the emerging stage. Without the proper foundation and an in-depth knowledge of what it truly takes to be successful in franchising, most startup and emerging franchisors build a system that collapses once the novelty wears off or the first storm hits.

We will help you understand the nuances of franchising and how to design a franchise system that will be sustainable. No law firm in the country does more with startup and emerging franchisors. We emphasize the importance of building a system where all stakeholders have an undying devotion to your brand, you properly balance the interests of the franchisor, franchisee and system as a whole, and you understand other "habits" that make franchisors highly successful.

Growing with You

We know that "cookie cutter" franchise documents and approaches don't produce the results you want in the long run. Sharing insights and expertise we've gained through our work with franchise clients of all sizes over many years, our approach with startup and emerging franchisors emphasizes getting to understand you, your business and your strategic goals, challenges and opportunities to help you design and build a solid foundation and infrastructure upon which to grow.

Part of the opportunity in working with you is to grow with you over the years. In the early years of a franchise business, we recognize the importance of alternative or fixed-fee structures for certain types of work. A great example is on the FDD and state registration work we do for you in year one and then on an annual basis thereafter for your FDD renewals.

Dispute Resolution

Another key aspect of our approach as you grow is to anticipate potentially difficult legal issues before they arise and put systems and best practices in place to avoid litigation. But when disputes are unavoidable, our franchise litigation team helps clients defend their systems so they can focus on growth.

Franchise Thought Leadership

We conduct regular programs like our unique FaegreBD Franchise Summit, where many of the world's leading franchise exectutives get together for a day and a half to exchange best practices. This event is an invaluable resource for startup and emerging franchisors. We also can connect you with the best resources and suppliers in franchising to round out the team you will need to become a market leader.

We are widely recognized for our sophisticated franchise practice and our commitment to innovation and proactive solutions. We are one of only a few franchise practices recognized by Chambers at both the national and global level, and several of our professionals have been identified as leaders in franchising. Several members of our team also have experience in executive leadership positions within franchise orgnizations, giving us important insight into franchise business strategy and operations.


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