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Equity Property Tax Group

Equity Property Tax Group implements tax strategies and creates tax policies to meet each client's goals. We work with clients nationally to identify tax savings opportunities, develop strategic partnerships, avoid tax penalties and achieve equitable valuations. We counsel clients on improving cost/benefit ratios. We devise procedures to integrate and align areas of operations, including mergers, acquisitions, dispositions, JVs, leasing, legal financial reporting, compliance, communications, accounting and tenant escalations.

Collectively, our professionals have decades of experience in helping clients achieve profitability, cost-control transparency and reporting.

Acquisition, Mergers, Development and Disposition Analysis

We understand the tax scenarios that enhance underwriting and impact real estate transaction structuring. We provide clients with strategic planning opportunities and greater potential savings and returns from their real estate investments through preliminary, partial or full review of an acquisition, merger, development or disposition. Examinations may include reviews of anticipated property performance, leasing and capital costs, deal structuring options, jurisdictional tax records, comparable analysis, local market tax intelligence, pre-acquisition negotiations with taxing jurisdictions, attendance at meetings, jurisdictional filings, purchase price allocations, intangible allocations, and real and personal property tax filings at the jurisdictions.

Appeals Potential Analysis

We apply cutting-edge appraisal theory to identify appeal opportunities. We think outside the traditional modeling parameters of valuation and review appeal opportunities not only in conjunction with the property and local market statistics, but also with jurisdictional valuation policies, macro- and microeconomic factors, and real estate cycles.

We identify property that should be appealed based on income analysis, sales analysis and cost analysis.

Budgeting, Accounting & Operational Reporting

We understand the issues unique to public companies, funds and investors and apply the appropriate level of controls and reporting to fit each client. We help clients understand variables that drive their budget numbers, while setting the updating parameters to meet Sarbanes-Oxley requirements and delegation of authority protocols.

We can provide next-year or multi-year budgeting projections reflecting estimates of both taxable value and tax rates components. We also can provide often-required third-party comments to auditors on tax issues.

Negotiations, Appeals & Litigation Management

We help clients evaluate appeal strategies. When needed, we use our national network of strategic relationships to identify and retain qualified representation for appeal litigation. We manage the complete appeals process, using internal or external resources that add value. We also assist with non-advalorem appeals and review legislation for impact to clients.

Staff Support & Training Services

We provide temporary support services at any level of the tax function when needed. This could include document reviews, lease structuring, market research, escalation issues, audits, competitive property analysis and more. We offer a full range of training services, such as training third-party personnel for administrative and computer systems and identifying training requirements. We consult on establishing strategic priorities and relationships, selecting computer support systems, establishing client portfolio in hard files and online computer files for turnkey delivery, and developing job descriptions.

Personal Property and Tax Bill Processing Systems

Annual filing requirements of personal property returns can involve substantial administrative accounting and experienced tax personnel resources. Dollars and compliance issues could be at risk. For tax bill processing, effective systems can help eliminate interest and penalty assessments for late charges. We recommend appropriate, cost-effective products for personal property and tax bill processing, based on an analysis of your specific needs. 


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