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Franchise & Distribution Litigation

At Faegre Baker Daniels, we know that dealing with a serious litigation matter distracts our franchisor clients from the important work they do to grow their brands. That is why we work hard for our clients to try to find business solutions to their disputes whenever possible. When a business solution is not possible, it is important for franchisors to do what it takes to protect their brands and enforce their contractual rights.

Wide-Ranging Litigation Practice

The franchise litigators at Faegre Baker Daniels have handled hundreds of franchise litigation matters for our franchisor clients in state and federal courts across the country, as well as in domestic and international arbitration proceedings and mediations. We represent numerous national franchisors in putative class actions throughout the country.  We have arbitrated franchise claims under the AAA, ICDR, ICC, JAMS and in ad hoc proceedings.

We understand the unique challenges franchisors face in affirmatively asserting their contract rights and defending themselves against claims by franchisees. Our depth of experience allows us to evaluate the merits of the claims involved and devise strategies to resolve cases as efficiently as possible, either via motion practice, settlement discussions, or trial if necessary.

Our franchise litigation experience includes:

  • Class actions
  • Defending claims arising out of the franchise sales process
  • Enforcement of covenants not to compete
  • Joint employment claims
  • Fraud and misrepresentation claims
  • Enforcement of system standards
  • Territorial encroachment claims
  • Vicarious liability issues
  • Collection of liquidated damages
  • Termination of the franchise relationship
  • Trademark protection and enforcement
  • Tortious interference with contract
  • Antitrust issues
  • State disclosure and relationship law violations

Our franchise and distribution litigators draw on their years of experience, as well as that of litigators in other practice areas firmwide as appropriate, to deliver tangible results to our clients. Our goals when working with franchisors and distributors on litigation matters are to assist them in effectively managing relationships with franchisees and distribution partners and enforcing price and quality standards. We also help underperforming organizations resolve disputes that destabilize business operations and prohibit growth.


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