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Michael Cockson Featured in Star Tribune Article Regarding the Stephen Frenz Case 10 November 2017
Bill Weimer Provides Comment in Minot Daily News Article Regarding Trademark Case 10 November 2017
Wendy Yan Garners National Media Attention for Quotes About Potential Merger 09 November 2017
Libby Baney Discussed Counterfeit Opioids with Securing Industry 09 November 2017
Mike Adelberg Discusses Health Care Plans with Inside Health Policy 09 November 2017
Brian Clifford Discusses Construction Contracts with the Indiana Lawyer 03 November 2017
Mike Adelberg Explains Substitutions Under ACA with The Washington Post 03 November 2017
Mike Adelberg Discusses Health Care Plans with The Washington Post 03 November 2017
Nick Klinefeldt Provides Insight on Paul Manafort and Rick Gates Investigation in WHO-TV Segment 31 October 2017
FaegreBD Legal Update Quoted in Inside Health Policy 25 October 2017
Mary Bono Discusses the Opioid Crisis with The Guardian 25 October 2017
Mary Bono Discusses Immigration Issues with NBC News 25 October 2017
Sarah Brew Provides Insight to WCCO-TV Regarding Food Recalls 24 October 2017
Paul Luehr Featured in Restaurant Finance Monitor Article About Cybersecurity 20 October 2017
Jay Yeager and Harmony Mappes Discuss Partisan Gerrymandering with The Indiana Lawyer 19 October 2017
Alex Denny Discusses Anti-Harassment Policies with The Times 19 October 2017
Brian Schnell Provides Franchise Industry Insight For ACQ5 19 October 2017
Libby Baney Discusses Online Pharmacies with Pain News Network 19 October 2017
Mike Adelberg Discusses the Future of the ACA with Health Plan Week 13 October 2017
Bruce Engler Comments On Mergers and Acquisitions Market In StarTribune 12 October 2017

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