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Natural & Organic Products

Faegre Baker Daniels has a strong commitment to the natural and organic food industry. With decades of experience in the food and agribusiness industry and at the epicenter of the natural and organic food industries in Boulder, Colorado, we offer deep expertise in food regulatory law, emerging companies and venture capital, intellectual property, and commercial and consumer litigation to natural food manufacturers, distributors, nutritional supplement providers, and health and lifestyle companies.

We represent natural, organic, health and lifestyle companies at every stage – from concept to market, and ultimately to sale. We are committed to keeping pace with the new generation of these businesses and creating opportunities for clients whom we see as partners. As collaborators, we emphasize business practices that are fast, fair, transparent, valuable and align with our clients' goals.

Natural & Organic Products

We counsel natural and organic food, health and lifestyle companies on:

  • FDA, FTC, and USDA compliance in advertising and package labeling, including navigating "natural" and "organic" food labeling
  • Ingredient supply and product manufacturing contracts
  • Food regulatory advice and risk management counseling
  • Defense of market-leading companies in litigation matters
  • Equity and debt financing
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Strategic partners and joint ventures
  • Trademark, copyright and other intellectual property protection
  • Brand management
  • Licensing and distribution agreements
  • Commercial, class action and consumer litigation
  • Washington, D.C.-based consulting practice with experience in the organic food sector

We bring a unique approach to representing clients in the natural, organic, health and lifestyle industries because we are passionate about this values-driven sector. Our team takes a personal interest in understanding industry drivers, spotting trends, and gathering relevant information. We attend Expo West and Expo East to learn natural and organic product-specific business issues, speak at industry events, and host our own seminars to share knowledge on emerging trends and issues.


Robert S. Goldstein, Denver
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