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Nonprofit Organizations Litigation

Faegre Baker Daniels' extensive representation of nonprofit organizations has provided our litigators many opportunities to understand the unique needs of these organizations in dispute resolution.

We help nonprofit organizations handle disputes through alternative dispute resolution, a pretrial motion or, if necessary, litigation from trial through appeal. We have had considerable success at each of these levels.

Handling the case, however, is sometimes only the first part of our assignment. Further return on the client's investment is our advice and counsel on how to avoid future disputes. All clients share this concern, but it is particularly important for nonprofit organizations, given their charitable missions and limited administrative resources. Our litigators have worked with the firm's other EO professionals to provide business advice and risk management in projects such as:

  • Developing church discipline procedures, including dispute resolution
  • Developing fraternity and sorority constitutions, bylaws and policies, including risk management guidelines
  • Drafting faculty and student handbooks, including disciplinary procedures
  • Drafting executive employment agreements
  • Assisting in developing hospital medical staff bylaws

Faegre Baker Daniels takes pride in serving nonprofit organizations. By representing them, we also serve the many communities that benefit from their charitable, religious and educational work.


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