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Paralegal Career Model

Faegre Baker Daniels invests in the careers of our paralegals by using a career model that defines the key competencies demonstrated by successful paralegals in our firm and includes a path for progression.

These competencies provide a consistent framework for professional growth opportunities and for measuring achievement and high performance. The three competencies within FaegreBD’s paralegal career model are:

Providing Service

Client focus and legal process expertise are expectations of all paralegals at the firm. Together, these two attributes form the first of three competencies in FaegreBD’s paralegal career model. As key members of the teams serving our clients, paralegals perform the important function of anticipating future issues and keeping projects moving forward to achieve the best possible outcomes.

Delivering Results

The firm’s paralegal career model also emphasizes paralegals’ abilities to deliver results, both for our internal teams and external clients. This competency focuses on taking ownership of assigned work while actively seeking ways to add value, using resources to create solutions, and structuring work activities to improve efficiency and effectiveness.

Working with Others

FaegreBD’s culture is collegial and highly values effective teamwork. Our paralegals work with outside vendors, lawyers, other paralegals, administrative assistants and operations team members across the firm to meet client needs and deliver high-quality work. A positive attitude and effective communication are two attributes that play a key role in the third career model competency of working with others.


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