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Faegre Baker Daniels lawyers help clients manage and protect innovation by building and enforcing business-focused patent portfolios, developing products, and intellectual property in collaboration with other companies, and avoiding and defending against claims of infringement based on other companies' patent rights.

More than 50 of our lawyers and agents are registered to practice before the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. We have experience in the biological, biotechnology, chemical, computer, electrical, internet, mechanical, medical, optics, software and industrial technologies. With prior work in research, product development, and manufacturing our lawyers have particular insight into clients' patent needs. Others have in-house legal experience at major public companies—adding business acumen and transaction-related knowledge to our practice.

Patent protection is more than patent filing. Faegre Baker Daniels lawyers have the knowledge to examine your intellectual property to determine whether or not there are opportunities to make or sell a product or service, as well as opportunities to market a method or process. We address the competition's patents on how they impact your business, providing non-infringement or invalidity opinions. Furthermore, we search the prior art to see if there may be existing patents in manufacturing processes, marketed products or other business methods that could impact you.

Faegre Baker Daniels professionals take a global view of intellectual property because an invention that has value in the U.S. may have value outside the U.S., too. We file patents in Europe, China, Japan, India and other countries, depending on the product, industry and client's needs. We help clients – both in the U.S. and other countries – target their protection where they need it the most.

We represent clients with comprehensive service that encompasses the whole process – from disclosing your invention to writing a patent application to prosecuting your case in the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. We also join some clients during the early discussions when their invention unfolds, acting as in-house patent counsel.


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