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Sports & Entertainment

Faegre Baker Daniels and FaegreBD Consulting bring an insider's perspective to sports and entertainment clients. Because our professionals have direct experience in sports, gaming, music, television and media industries, we offer a uniquely practical approach to your needs. 

Our playing field is wide. We serve as principal counsel to franchises in all four major U.S. professional sports leagues. We represent Olympic, collegiate and other professional and amateur international, national and regional sports clients. We advise teams, governing bodies, facilities, contractors, sponsors, schools, government entities and nonprofit sports organizations.

We also provide legal services to the entertainment industry — recording artists, songwriters, music publishers, record producers and managers, actresses and actors, artists and authors and other national and international stars. We represent clients in a variety of transactional matters, provide a range of litigation and dispute resolution services and counsel clients on the protection of their intellectual property rights.

Corporate Governance

Our experience in corporate matters includes governance, restructuring, sales and divestitures, mergers and acquisitions, capitalization and financing, antitrust issues, league franchise issues, contract drafting, review and negotiation, service outsourcing agreements, and transportation agreements.

Stadiums and Arenas

We handle issues over naming rights, financing, lobbying, construction contracts, disputes and litigation, security, concessions, parking, leasing, emergency and technology services, special event contracts and operations, real estate and leasing (including suite licensing), environmental and condemnation matters, waste disposal issues, alcohol and food licensing and regulations, and interaction with state and local governments and law enforcement.

Player Contracts and Litigation

We advise clients on player contract drafting and review, employment policies and handbooks, litigation (including contract disputes) and wrongful death. Our litigation experience includes liability and risk assessment and prevention, eminent domain issues, and dispute and hearing matters before governing bodies.

Sporting Event Support and Sports Policy

Our consulting team helps amateur sports organizations and event organizing committees secure funding and other government support that is integral to successful events. Our experience ranges from interpreting bid package specifications, preparing successful event bids, negotiating with the event’s governing body, coordinating Department of Defense security support, providing federal transportation assistance to move athletes and spectators, working with the State Department to create systems for athlete visa applications and emergency requests, and importing or securing equipment.

We also have worked extensively on disability sports policy and management. From the Amateur Sports Act to the Paralympic Games to the International Paralympic Committee, our consultants have helped expand rights and opportunities for people with disabilities in sport.

Intellectual Property and Marketing

We assist clients in protecting and leveraging their intellectual property assets. We develop global branding strategies and work with clients on re-branding and social media. We handle licensing and marketing matters such as broadcasting rights, sponsorships, merchandising, affinity credit cards, contests, promotions and sweepstakes, advertising, ticketing, trademarks and brand management, technology issues and contracts, e-commerce, and website issues and contracts (including development, content and privacy).


We represent music sector clients in a variety of transactions, including the drafting and negotiation of agreements related to artist management, publishing, co-publishing, songwriters, producers and licensing. We also counsel clients on matters related to copyright registration, royalty disputes, accounting and distribution, copyright infringement, audits, touring, merchandising and promotion, as well as matters related to ASCAP, BMI and SESAC registration.

Motion Pictures and Television

We assist clients with the drafting and negotiation of director, producer, literary option, purchase and life story rights agreements, as well as other agreements related to above-the-line talent. We advise both established industry players as well as independent filmmakers. Our team counsels clients in the areas of film finance, corporate formation, profit participation and clearance issues. We provide advice on large-scale film projects and both scripted and reality television, and on matters related to WGA registration and trademark and copyright registration.

Government and Lobbying

Led by former Congresswoman Mary Bono, our federal affairs team advises media and entertainment industry clients on how to address threats and opportunities as the federal government considers changes to federal laws and regulations. We work with Congress and federal agencies to enhance the rights of the content providers, and to take advantage of distribution and ownership of our clients’ intellectual property across formal and information channels, including social media. We have direct experience working with the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) and Federal Trade Commission (FTC) on entertainment and privacy public policy.

We also represent clients in state and local government relations and lobbying, drafting of state statutes, public and media relations on high-profile disputes, and interaction with Major League Baseball, the National Football League, the National Basketball Association, the National Hockey League, USOC, minor league sports governing bodies, and U.S. and international amateur athletic associations.

Labor and Employment

We have represented an assortment of national sports organizations and figures, particularly in motorsports but also in professional and amateur sports realms, in employment matters. Our clients have included a national racing association, racing team owners and drivers; and NFL team ownership.


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