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What's It Like to Join and Practice at FaegreBD?

Tarifa Laddon

How did it feel to join Faegre Baker Daniels and adapt to a different firm culture?

“From day one at FaegreBD, I felt welcomed, at home and fully supported. The collaborative nature of the firm's lawyers toward client development and service impressed me immediately. Within my first week at the firm, several partners reached out to introduce me to their clients in order to strengthen the client relationships and showcase the firm’s new California capabilities. I was invited not only to participate on client teams but to become personally invested in strengthening the firm’s client relationships. The support and enthusiasm I have enjoyed in introducing clients to my new FaegreBD colleagues have also been fabulous. Cross-office work is a strong aspect of FaegreBD’s culture, and my visits to other FaegreBD offices always left me impressed by how excited the firm is about the new LA office. It’s clear that leadership was committed to making my move successful for both me and for the firm. Perhaps just as important as the above, I have yet to meet a lawyer at FaegreBD who I wouldn’t want to have a beer with. I am thrilled to have joined this fantastic firm filled with first-rate lawyers with sophisticated practices and great clients.”

-Tarifa Laddon (Product Liability and Environmental, Los Angeles)

Chris Reckamp

How did you transition your practice to FaegreBD? What support did you receive?

“Continuous, high-quality client service was my top goal when I considered moving to FaegreBD. Before agreeing to the move, I ensured the firm had the legal capabilities and operational infrastructure to meet clients’ needs – and FaegreBD supported that. The patent practice leader identified associates who had both capability and capacity to work with me so clients would have support from day one until we hired additional associates. I personally interviewed the associates so I could assure clients that they would have high-quality service. On the operational side, the practice leader worked with IT to transition over 600 files. The IT team was incredibly helpful and arranged a system that replicated the tools of sophisticated tech clients and provided even better support than they were receiving at my prior firm. We were able to adopt clients’ electronic billing software as well.

“FaegreBD has experience coordinating transitions for clients, attorneys and staff and made the process very smooth. They worked with me to do the homework and make arrangements before the move so that once I made the switch, I could assure clients that we were prepared to make the transition virtually seamless.”

-Chris Reckamp (Intellectual Property, Chicago)

Sarah Zhao

How challenging was integration into your practice group and office at FaegreBD?

“My integration into Faegre Baker Daniels has been very positive. I’ve been warmly welcomed by the corporate group, the China team, the international team, and the D.C. and Beijing offices. The culture here is a team player atmosphere, and people are very cooperative and nice, which makes it easy to adjust. The D.C. partners have gone the extra mile to help me learn, integrate, and plan how I will contribute nationally and locally. Partners on the China team have opened their arms to me, and the integration has been positive for clients as well. Clients are benefiting from the exceptionally high-quality services of our China team in Beijing and Shanghai.”

-Sarah Zhao (Corporate, Washington, D.C.)

Treasa Burke

You recently joined the partnership. What prepared you for this career milestone?

“I’ve been fortunate to spend my whole career at Faegre Baker Daniels, and in that time to learn from colleagues what it means not just to be an attorney but an owner in the business. With the support of my fellow attorneys, I have had the opportunity to hone my legal skills and broaden my business acumen to prepare me for moving into a partnership role.”

-Treasa Burke (Real Estate, Denver)


Dan Lechleiter

How well has the firm’s leave policy accommodated your needs? How did you handle off-ramping and on-ramping?

“Through FaegreBD’s generous paid child care leave program and supportive culture, I spent two weeks with my family after the birth of each of my children (the firm offers up to 10 weeks paid and 14 weeks for birth mothers). This time allowed me to more fully appreciate this extraordinary experience and to support my wife and children during the most challenging days of having a new baby at home. My colleagues respected my time away, shielding me from internal obligations while I was out and kindly stepping in when I was emailing them from the delivery room with requests to pick up work when my child was born a week early. The firm provided prorated billable credit for my time away, so I was able to return without a penalty from a billable perspective and without feeling like I was disconnected from my work.”

-Dan Lechleiter (Intellectual Property, Indianapolis)


Larry LaTarte

How has a firm mentor benefited your career at FaegreBD?

“Firm mentors have impacted every aspect of my practice. Mentors have provided me with opportunities to develop my advocacy skills in a number of ways, including by playing leading roles in trial and at hearings early in my career. They have given me honest and helpful advice and guidance along the way. One key lesson I have learned from them is that to be happy and successful in the law you must be able to maintain perspective and take a long-term view of your legal career. I am grateful for all of the support I have received.”

-Larry LaTarte (Business Litigation, Minneapolis)


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