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Faegre Baker Daniels conducts workplace investigations. Our investigations include allegations relating to discrimination, harassment, bias, retaliation, misappropriation of company funds, misuse of company resources, violations of safety regulations, non-compliance with company ethics and abuse of power by upper management. We have investigated anonymous complaints, concerns expressed through ethic hotlines, complaints raised while similar claims are being litigated, and complaints brought against co-workers, managers, human resource personnel and executive officers.

Our vast experience in investigating workplace concerns for a variety of different clients — including Fortune 100 companies, publicly-traded corporations, small businesses, nonprofit organizations and religious entities — has taught us how to identify key issues at the outset and how to effectively resolve them. We are cognizant of the attorney-client privilege issues that surround investigations, and we provide guidance so our clients make an informed and thoughtful decision.   

We know how disruptive an investigation can be to the company, the business unit and the individuals involved. We also appreciate the sensitivity frequently surrounding allegations, especially those made against management. We are keenly aware of the external as well as internal consequences of an investigation, and the importance of establishing certain defenses if litigation results. Thus, we take significant effort to make the process as fair, dignified, thorough and confidential as possible. We also understand the urgency required when certain allegations are asserted, and we are well equipped to deploy our resources as quickly as necessary.
In addition to workplace investigations, we conduct climate assessments for our clients when concerns have percolated up to management, legal counsel or human resources that may not be direct allegations of discrimination or other unlawful conduct, but suggest there may be significant morale issues or non-compliance with corporate values. If the assessment is done timely and with the appropriate amount of sensitivity and awareness, this pro-active process can assist in addressing challenging behavior in the workplace before it becomes a significant legal issue or lawsuit. 


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