November 02, 2007

Productivity and Innovation in the Construction Industry

Faegre & Benson LLP partner Patrick O'Connor Jr. authored "Productivity and Innovation in the Construction Industry: The Case for Building Information Modeling," which appeared in the Winter 2007 issue of Journal of the American College of Construction Lawyers.

Numerous historical factors have prevented stakeholders in the construction industry from fully embracing technology to speed and enhance all phases of construction projects. When compared to other industries, the construction sector lags behind by decades. Managing construction projects in the traditional manner has prevented and delayed the use of technology innovations and created a stagnant environment.

Designers and contractors are beginning to use a new technology known as "building information modeling" (BIM). Early adopters have found that its benefits include increased collaboration and heightened productivity. The full realization of its potential, however, lies in the industry's acceptance of changing technologies.


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