September 16, 2008

Baker & Daniels Receives Award for Innovative Technology

Baker & Daniels LLP has been named the recipient of a Drive for Innovation Award for its pioneering ideas in the technology use of document capture and handling solution. The honor was given by Omtool, Ltd. to four of its worldwide legal customers who leverage AccuRoute® to achieve substantial results in content accessibility, technology integration, streamline workflow, corporate governance and cost savings.

Law firms operate in a document-intensive industry that demands secure handling, integration and tracking of documents. At the International Legal Technology Association Conference in Gaylord, Texas, Baker & Daniels received special recognition from Omtool for being the first to integrate functionality into the cost recovery system by combining AccuRoute's document handling platform with nQueue's information accountability and cost recovery software.

"Law firms frequently struggle to balance information capture with efficiency," said Sue Stephenson, Director of Information Technology at Baker & Daniels. "Document management and cost-recovery systems are common fixtures in a law firm, but they don't typically 'talk' to one another at the point of document capture.

"We replaced copiers, implemented a new cost recovery system and installed a document-capture system — and then bolted them all together," Stephenson added. "The biggest benefits to the firm have been increased productivity and document control. We now have an easy-to-use system which allows an attorney working on Saturday with no secretarial support to complete the work easily and efficiently."

Omtool is deployed in more than 250 law firms, including almost half of the top 100 U.S. firms. Omtool believes innovation is at the heart of technology and sponsors the award to recognize that trait in visionary and technically-mature organizations. Nominations for this year's Drive for Innovation Award came worldwide from law firms, corporate legal departments and business partners on behalf of their legal customers.

Omtool, Ltd. is a leading provider of document capture and handling solutions that simplify the integration of paper and electronic documents into enterprise information management systems. Omtool solutions are used worldwide by businesses in document-intensive industries that demand secure handling, integration and tracking of documents in full compliance with a range of regulatory requirements. Omtool is based in Andover, Mass., with offices in the United Kingdom.

Omtool's acclaimed AccuRoute streamlines the capture, conversion, communication and achieving of paper and electronic documents for organizations of all sizes. The server-based document capture and handling platform provides fast, secure and simultaneous document distribution to multiple destinations in multiple formats enabling organizations to perform complex document management tasks more efficiently. AccuRoute makes documents immediately accessible where and when they are needed, resulting in faster, more efficient document workflows while reducing associated costs, complexity and risk.

nQueue provides software-based information accountability solutions to assist firms in better managing and accounting for their digital transactions. With headquarters in Tempe, Ariz., nQueue offers a complete line of browser-based expense recovery, digital filing and production workflow systems designed to track, manage, report and charge back costs associated with office equipment, Web research and administrative services.

Founded in 1863, Baker & Daniels LLP serves clients in regional, national and international transactional, regulatory and litigation matters. More than 370 lawyers and legal professionals provide services from offices in Indiana, Chicago, Washington, D.C. and Beijing. For more information about Baker & Daniels, visit B&D Consulting, a national advisory and advocacy firm based in Washington, D.C., is a division of Baker & Daniels.

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