June 03, 2011

AIM Bounced Back in 2010 According to Research from Faegre & Benson and Baker Tilly

Alternative Investment Market (AIM) performed strongly in 2010, showing clear signs of recovery, according to the 15th annual Taking AIM survey by international law firm Faegre & Benson and accountants Baker Tilly.

Indicators include:

  • 43% increase in AIM index compared to 8% in the FTSE 100
  • 80% of investors said AIM's performance during the year had a positive effect on their own fund's performance
  • 80% of AIM companies say they have seen some benefit from the access to capital their listing provides, with 48% considering this to be a major benefit
  • 60% of investors and 63% of AIM companies expect to see further improvement in AIM's performance over the next 12 months
  • 56% of AIM companies said they had considered or were considering AIM for further fundraising in the next 12 months
  • 71% of AIM companies said that they would still have listed if they had known at the time what the market conditions for the last three years were going to be.

Melanie Wadsworth, a corporate partner in Faegre's London office who works with many AIM companies and knows the market well, commented:  "It is encouraging to see the results of this year's survey mirroring our experience on the ground.

AIM has raised significant amounts of money last year for high quality growing companies with a proven track record.  Let's hope we will see increasingly more new companies joining the market and that investors will be willing to support AIM and the important role its companies play in the UK economy."

Download a copy of the Taking AIM Key Findings 2011.

Download a copy of the Taking AIM Executive Summary 2011.

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