June 01, 2011

Faegre & Benson Announces Inaugural "Franchising in Health Care" Conference

Faegre & Benson today announced the inaugural "Franchising in Health Care" conference. The conference, the first of its kind in the United States, will bring together senior industry leaders from the franchise and medical fields to examine current franchise models, explore new patient care delivery methods, and discuss best practices for offering franchised services in the health care industry.

The theme of the conference – "Expand Access, Deliver Quality, Improve Lives" – reflects the important role that franchisees will play in delivering high-quality health care services in the coming years. Health care spending in the U. S. over the next decade is expected to increase to $4.5 trillion – or nearly 20 percent of the nation's gross domestic product. This growth offers tremendous opportunity to both franchisors and medical professionals.

"We are on the edge of a health care revolution, and the United States is going to see the demand for franchised health care services explode over the next few years," said Kevin Hein, a partner at Faegre & Benson. "Aging baby boomers, primary-care providers retiring faster than they are being replaced, and millions of Americans newly insured as part of the recent health care reform act will create the ‘perfect storm' of health care crisis, and franchised care providers will be the ones to step in to stabilize – and perhaps even save – health care in the U.S."

About the Conference

The "Franchising in Health Care" conference (www.franchisinghealthcare.com) will take place July 27-28, 2011, in Minneapolis. The conference is tailored to current and prospective franchisors and suppliers to the franchise and health care industries, prospective investors and entrepreneurs, and health care and medical professionals interested in learning more about the opportunities presented by franchising.

Attendees will have the ability to construct their own program, choosing from 10 topics that will be presented as breakout panel discussions. Speakers include nearly two dozen business and industry leaders, franchise CEOs and futurists who will share their insights into health care delivery. They include author T. Scott Gross, FRANdata CEO Darrell Johnson, Health 2.0 co-founder Matthew Holt, and Brightstar Franchising CEO Shelly Sun.

Early registration (by June 15, 2011) for the conference is $399, and regular registration is $499. Presenting sponsors of the conference are Faegre & Benson, FRANdata, Health 2.0, and Management 2000. For more information on registration, please click here.

Services and Industries

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