March 31, 2015

Intellectual Property Portfolio Management Strategies for Product Development



Victor Jonas, Brian Lefort and Peter Schlueter of Faegre Baker Daniels will speak on "Intellectual Property Portfolio Management Strategies for Product Development" as part of LifeScience Alley's Product R&D Series.

Creating, nurturing and managing an intellectual property portfolio is an important aspect of product development that should be addressed from concept, through launch, and beyond. IP strategies should be tailored to each medtech/biotech company’s business goals and objectives. Each customized strategy, however, needs to be flexible in order to adhere to the evolving global IP legal landscape.

This seminar will focus on the following IP topics:

  • Identification of the legal factors influencing IP strategy in the field of biotechnology and medical devices
  • Determining how to customize IP strategy to address overall business goals
  • Implementing processes for executing an IP strategy (e.g., creation, protection, enforcement)

Services and Industries

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