Top 25 U.S. City Uses Employee Gainsharing to Drive Solid Waste Improvements

North America - United States

The solid waste division of a large U.S. city provides comprehensive solid waste collection, transfer station, recycling, composting and dead animal collection services for the City. Facing a projected multi-million dollar deficit in the division’s enterprise fund, the City’s Mayor directed the division to find a solution to the twin challenges of rising customer demands and budget deficits by implementing a labor-management partnership that used employee gainsharing as a core strategy. 

In 2015, with the ongoing support of the Mayor, the division and its AFSCME labor partners established a formal employee gainsharing program as part of a comprehensive effort to control costs, improve service and reward the employees whose hard work created the savings. Faegre Baker Daniels Consulting principal Skip Stitt worked with the parties to create the labor-management collaboration model and helped the city successfully implement its new model.

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