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Corporate Real Estate

Faegre Baker Daniels serves as real estate counsel to public and private corporations by reviewing leases and advising on real estate purchases and sales; investigating real property assets involving mergers, acquisitions and divestitures; and assisting clients with secured lending transactions.

Clients rely on us to lease, investigate, acquire, protect, finance, develop, improve and transfer land in all its forms. They entrust us with their real estate­-related legal needs based, in part, on the unique strengths of our real estate team, including our international resources, efficient and integrated transaction management, and collaboration with clients' real estate managers and legal personnel.

We represent multinational companies, local nonprofit organizations, emerging enterprises and others. We are frequently retained as national real estate counsel by manufacturing companies, retailers and financial service companies. We provide enhanced legal services that include:

  • Investigating real property assets involving mergers, acquisitions and divestitures
  • Reviewing leases and advising on real estate purchases and sales
  • Development of standardized forms, documentation and procedures
  • Commitment to understanding the company's real estate holdings, policies and business objectives
  • Streamlined processes for acquiring and disposing of interests in real estate
  • Periodic analysis of results to continually refine and improve the overall program and manage expenses
  • Sustainability analysis that can be used to assess a company's real estate portfolio

To maintain quality control in all real estate transactions, we employ a team approach. By acquainting a pool of lawyers with specific clients' corporate real estate needs, we ensure the right resources are available for sensitive projects. As transaction issues arise, clients have access to lawyers with the appropriate experience, billing rates and familiarity with areas of their business.

We assign work according to the level of expertise required — assigning staff lawyers and paralegals to handle routine transactions, using mid- to senior-level associates for more complex matters, and involving partners for strategic counsel and problem-solving.


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Gretchen Miller Busch, Denver
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