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Eminent Domain

Faegre Baker Daniels has been active on virtually all sides of the land acquisition process in eminent domain law. We have represented both private and governmental entities in the United States. Our clients include individual landowners, developers, private pipeline companies, public utility providers, counties, municipalities, urban renewal authorities and special districts.

Our eminent domain team has counseled and represented clients through every stage of a condemnation case—from preliminary negotiations for the acquisition of property, to the institution of condemnation proceedings, to the ultimate determination of just compensation through litigation and the appellate process.

Our lawyers have been involved in major condemnation proceedings for the acquisition of land for a variety of uses, including municipal airports, highway and light rail projects, sports stadiums, water and sanitation facilities, oil and gas pipelines, electrical transmission line corridors, processing and industrial facilities, redevelopment projects, and large open space and park acquisitions.


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